Personal Doctor

Personal Doctor

This was the result of the Hacking Health 2019 Hackaton.

This was the result of a 12h hackathon organized by Glintt and sponsored by Oracle, Microsoft and Outsystems.


The thrive behind the development of Personal Doctor, is the idea of having your personal doctor always available to you, in this case, a digital autonomous bot doctor that can easily diagnose simple conditions that do not require serious medical attention. This also allows doctors to focus on more serious cases without having to worry about caring for basic diseases such as a flu or a cold.

Whenever you feel getting sick, you can use your mobile to text the Personal Doctor Web Service, and it will try to diagnose your disease.

In case it's something it doesn't recognise or that could be a dangerous symptom, you'll be redirected to the emergency services.

Whenever it's something small and that could be easily treated, you'll get a diagnose and recommended medication.

This medication will have in consideration your previous medical history, in case you are allergic to some substance or have some chronic condition it will avoid certain medications.

On the other hand we also aim to create a safe channel where people can easily say if they are not feeling well, without the fear of wasting someone's time. By endorsing this kind of mentality, it's easy to create a health profile on the long term that can be used by machine learning to preemptively diagnose other more complex and dangerous diseases.

How it works

This project was built using Oracle's Chatbot to interface with the users and gather basic inputs that helps us diagnose diseases.

The analytics are showed using VueJS and the backend was built using NodeJS and mongoDB.

The example below was done using Oracle Analytics to interpret the data.


During that time we have developed a basic prototype that could recognize and distinguish between a cold, a flu and tonsillitis.

All the history of the bot interactions was displayed in a web view, so you could check it in realtime.

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