'Eleven' - My Home Automation Assistant

'Eleven' - My Home Automation Assistant

I've decided to create my own digital assistant as interface for home automation.

As I am in the process of buying an apartmentm, I started thinking about what kind of automation I would like to have.

As you know, everyone loves Alexa and Google Home, but I am a bit of a privacy freak, so I would like to believe that I have some control over what's happening in my own home.

For that reason I decided to start building my own "Digital Assistant" which I named "11" or "Eleven", this name was chosen for two reasons.

First I could make geek binary jokes about the name "11", and also, is an easy name to say, even for portuguese people that do not speak english.

As of now I have built some basic functions such as getting the current time (system time), checking the weather (from weather API's), reading articles from Reddit, checking the wikipedia for random facts such as the meaning of life.

All of this in portuguese, except for the reddit posts because I like to get the TIFU thread, otherwise it could be in portuguese too.

Besides all of this, I've started the integration with my smart home devices, such as my roomba as you can see on the video below.

Geek specifications:

  • the awake word is process locally

  • the speech to text is processed by Google on an anonymous way as there is no account logged in and you can use TOR or a vpn to hide your ip address,

  • the text to speech is processed locally by MacOS text to speech functionality, which in my opinion is the best portuguese voice

  • everythin was built in python and node.js and will support integration with NodeRED.

When I have time to clean the code and add some more functionalities I will publish it on github as open source, so anyone can use it or contribute.