Founded my startup, Tech Solutions for Marketing & Engineering


abbr unkn.

not discovered, explored, identified, or ascertained, not known to exist, not known before.

UNKN is a startup based at the University of Algarve (CRIA - Algarve Regional Innovation Center) whose mission is to provide innovative technological services for marketing and engineering, ie projects based on digital and / or technological tools.

Some of the solutions developed by UNKN consist of:

360 Video

360 Video is a relatively new technology that allows users to look 360 degrees and experience a moment as if they were on site, this technology has recently been adopted and incorporated by social platforms such as Facebook and Youtube thus allowing for easier discrimination. of these contents

Virtual reality

It allows users to experience a whole other reality (virtual) as if they were in place, being able to interact with objects and freely navigate through totally virtual spaces.
Mobile applications



Video and aerial photography

3D printing

Enables small scale manufacturing or rapid prototyping through additive manufacturing technology

Product development

Our customers embrace the unknown looking for innovative solutions.

unkn rig

More than services, we turn ideas into reality.

Within UNKN there are two more projects, an export-focused one called PANOTEK, which consists of the design / manufacture of 360 video camera holders through 3D printing, which have so far been exported to over 20 countries.

The other project is called REDS (Real Estate Digital Solutions), and is focused on the regional and national landscape, being dedicated to the hotel and real estate sector.

In an increasingly competitive global market, it is important to differentiate and innovate not only on offer but also on promotion, so we have adapted some of our services to this market and thus created the REDS brand.

More information: UNKN