Targeted services towards real estate

Although I've founded UNKN, there was a need to focus all the services on the Real Estate market, so recently I have decided to create the REDS (Real Estate Digital Solutions) brand and position the company as a technology services company for the Real Estate sector.

A company that can provide complete and turnkey solutions, since we do everything from website development, 3d modeling, virtual tours, photo and video capture, basically a complete real estate marketing package.

As a company we have had all kinds of customers, as our services are applicable to many areas, from monitoring works with aerial imaging, to inspecting wells with 360º video.

In an increasingly competitive global market, it is important to differentiate and innovate not only on offer but also on promotion, so we have adapted some of our services to this market and thus created the REDS brand.

The services promoted by the REDS brand are:

Virtual reality

Allows you to show real estate not yet built, so that you can experience the property as if it was already built, navigating the same livery, seeing the views and even the decoration, being possible to interact with objects.

With this technology is intended to speed up the process of promoting real estate under construction thus selling them, even before construction is completed.

Virtual Tours

This technology consists of surveying 360-degree photography or video of existing spaces / properties, allowing them to be explored through any internet-connected platform (Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, Virtual Reality Glasses).

This technology is suitable for guided virtual tours to spaces such as, Hotels, Vacation Homes, Monuments, Walking Tours, Points of interest in general.

3D printing

With 3D printing it is possible to create faster and more accurately printed models for the presentation of construction projects to potential customers.

Photography and Aerial Photography

A traditional form of promotion, and our differentiating element is our bet on their high resolution and editing quality.

Video and Aerial Video

In the new age of the internet, the predominant content is video, so it is extremely important to bet on high quality content (4K) for the promotion of real estate / hotels, or simply the beauty of the Algarve in general.

3D Modeling and Animation

By combining aerial video with 3D modeling and animation, you can create promotional videos with the growth of buildings, real estate, or general public spaces to capture potential attention and generate interest for potential customers.

More information: Real Estate Digital Solutions