Pixel Cube

Pixel Cube

This is the result of the Pixels Camp 2019 Hackaton.

In this hackaton me and @mstrlaw (go check him out) wanted to build something to give back to the community.

Sometimes we need track what we spend our time on, whether that's to bill a client, manage a project's timeline or see which features are taking up most of our attention.

But time tracking is boring! So why not make it fun? 😎


PixelCube is a physical cube you can 3D print and build at home. Each face can be configured to whatever your needs are: a project, a feature, a task, etc.

app preview

Each time you flip the cube, it starts counting time towards the side facing up.

You can control the cube using an Electron app.

The project page can be seen at pixelcube.xyz and you can check the Electron App code on GitHub

How it works

The cube is built using an Arduino Nano and Gyroscope/Accelerometer (full specs are on the website). It then communicates with your computer via Bluetooth onto an ElectronJs + VueJs App.

One the cube is connected, it transmits to the App which side is up, accruing time towards that side. As simple as that!

Open Sourced

Did we mention it's supposed to be an open sourced project? You can already access all of the codebase on Github. As soon as possible, we'll release the files on the website for you to get a hold on the schematics and 3D models to print your own cube.

Other cool features could be added to the Electron App as well, we'd love to see what are your ideas.

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Visit project on TAIKAI