Panotek 360 Rigs

Panotek 360 Rigs

3D printed rigs for 360 photography and videography

Panotek 360 Rigs started with my need to shoot affordable 360 video back in 2016, before commercial 360 degrees cameras were available.

At the time the only available options were rigs with the shape of cubes made for GoPro cameras.

GoPro cameras were more expensive and they weren't an option as I needed at least 6 to shoot 360 degrees, for that reason I decided to make my own rigs in my 3D printers.

So, I started to study the geometry of the rigs and what were the mathematical needs/relations between field of view of the cameras, stitching quality of the images (horizontal, portrait) and percentage of coverage for accurate stitching.

I ended up with several designs that each had their own advantages and disadvantages but that suited different situations instead of one rig for all situations (which wasn't the best option).


These are some of the designs that I later sold online, and ended up shipping them all around the world (Spain, France, Italy, UK, USA, India, Malaysia, South Korea, and much more).



Such designs together with cheap cameras such as Xiaomi, allowed people to shoot from 8K 30fps up to stereoscopic video at 8K 60fps per eye.

When I created this project, I knew it would be only a matter of time until brands noticed the market and started to make commercial solutions, so by 2019 I stopped selling the rigs as the demand started to drop and shut down the website.

Luckily you can still check more information at:

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